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In 1992 Nuevo Central Argentino (NCA) won the award for 30 years of ex FF.CC. General Mitre Cargo and installed its headquarters in Rosario, Santa Fe.

Argentine capital, NCA employs 1,300 people. The presence of the railway staff inside ensures a direct and preferential treatment.
NCA a promoter of regional economies and star of the recovery of rail freight transportation mode of Argentina.

NCA network has more than 4500 km of track it is wide in extent and means of transport.

Runs through the provinces of Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, Cordoba, Santiago del Estero and Tucuman.

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Santa Fe, Argentina
Av. Alberdi 50 - Rosario
Phone Number
+54 (341) 437 6561/62/63/64
Horacio Bultri
DC Visual SRL / Tel. (54 11) 43422654 / Cel. +54911 58858401